kareebu Cache Improved Manual

This is what you need to get started with kareebu Cache Improved. Please read the manual carefully before posting any questions.

Getting started

How do I install this plugin ?

Install the plugin through Extensions > Extension Manager.
Go to Extensions > Plug-in Manager. Search for "System - kareebu Cache Improved". Click to edit the plugin.
Look to the left. Set Status to Yes. This will enable the System Plugin in Joomla!.

Make sure you disable the default System - Cache plugin that comes shipped with Joomla!. If it's enabled the kareebu Cache Improved Plugin won't work!

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How do I use the exclusions in the Plugin Parameters?

This is easy - just type in the non-SEF version of your URL. The non-SEF version is easy to spot as it always starts with index.php?option. You can type in multiple URLs, just make sure you add them each on a new line.

How do exclusions work ?

The Plugin will match the URL you type in the exclusions list with the current URL. If the same parameters are found then caching is disabled. This way you can turn off caching for a component, a section of a component or a specific part of the component.
For example, if you want to turn off caching for all of the articles section of Joomla! just add:


If you want to turn off caching just for articles, add:


There are lots of possibilities. You can turn off caching for the first article like this:


How do I turn off caching for a menu item ?

Nothing easier. Let's say you want to turn off caching for the Menu Item ID 15.


How do I turn off caching for an entire component ?

You can turn it off by specifying the component's link. For example, let's say you want to turn off caching for kunena:


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